Seasonal Spotlight: Will it be a rainy summer?

woman in rain poncho running by picnic tables

Rainy Summer? With the seemingly constant stream of moisture into most of the US this winter and spring, many are likely wondering what this moisture could suggest for this summer’s weather. Fourth Wettest Winter For the lower 48, this past winter, with the inclusion of March, has been the fourth wettest. (meteorological winter is December 1 – February 28). The only … Read More

What is Weather Risk Management?

purple lighting across dark sky

Weathering Storms with Weather Insurance It is in the news every day. Unseasonable or adverse weather interrupts a business. It’s too hot in June for a marathon. Rain threatens to cancel an outdoor concert. Snow piles up and the cost of removal is excessive. The consequences for these types of weather events can mean a financial downturn or in the … Read More