Revving Up: Key Takeaways From The Reopening of Speedways

Daytona International Speedway

Race fans, start your engines! NASCAR is back! As one of the few sports to run in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, NASCAR is now the largest to allow fans to return as more states relax their business shutdowns. While the sport is taking a cautious approach to opening speedways, event planners and sports commissioners look to NASCAR’s lead … Read More

5 Businesses That Benefit From Income Stabilization Insurance

Amusement Park

Plain and simple, the weather can spoil business. From golf courses, festivals, speedways, and snow removal companies to restaurants and storefronts that rely on foot traffic, adverse weather can cause customers to stay home. For businesses that depend on certain weather conditions during peak seasons to drive sales, that means loss of revenue. While you can’t rely on the weather, … Read More

In The Green: How to Host a Successful Golf Tournament

Golf Course Landscape View

Golf tournaments are the perfect summertime event–they’re easy to plan, simple to modify for all ages and levels of participation, and are run by volunteers. Plus, golf is the ideal social distancing sport. Golf tournaments have immense potential for raising money and awareness to a cause or organization, which is why more than 300,000 non-profit and sponsored golf events are … Read More

Car Dealership Hail Insurance: 5 Reasons Why Dealers Need Coverage


If April showers bring May flowers, June brings hail. The highest hail numbers on a national scale occur in June as warmth and humidity build across the United States. For auto dealerships, hail means significant risks, like vehicle damage costing hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of dollars. On top of that, hail can bring delayed selling timelines and unexpected expenses … Read More

Long-Term Weather Insurance: Seasonal Coverage for Your Business

Kid on a swing sitting in the rain.

The weather can affect more than just outdoor events. When used properly, weather insurance can be a budget stabilization tool for companies that need to protect their investments all season long. More specifically, seasonal weather insurance is a long-term solution for businesses that either operate only seasonally or rely on a specific time of the year for the bulk of … Read More