Rain Insurance: A Plan Worth Implementing

Dogwood Tree

For over 80-years the Atlanta Dogwood Festival welcomes spring with its nationally renowned Fine Artist Market, live music, kids village, and several other entertainment options for the entire family to enjoy. Daytime temperatures typically average around 70 degrees making the festival a perfect way to spend the whole day outdoors. That is unless… Read More

Construction Risk Management: Beyond Calculating Lost Weather Days

construction excavator in mud puddle

An exceptionally long winter with heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures made the early stages for constructing a new office building slow going. Finally, the snow has let up, but heavy rain keeps cycling into the weekly forecast. The weather delays on this project are cutting deeply into profits. With some luck, this may be… Read More

What is Weather Risk Management?

purple lighting across dark sky

It is in the news every day. Unseasonable or adverse weather interrupts a business. It’s too hot in June for a marathon. Rain threatens to cancel an outdoor concert. Snow piles up and the cost of removal is excessive. The consequences for these types of weather… Read More