Commercial Supplemental Hurricane Insurance for Florida’s Small Businesses


If a major hurricane comes through, so do we.


Not Your Typical Hurricane Insurance

In Florida, hurricanes pose a big threat to small businesses. Our Supplemental Hurricane Insurance can help protect your business by filling the gaps left behind by traditional P&C insurance policies.

It's Not About the Damages

Payouts are linked to the specific weather event, so if a Category 3 or stronger hurricane storm track enters the radius in your policy, you get paid. No matter the damages (or lack of damages).


There are no costly financial deductibles; build your policy to match your needs and your budget.

it’s Simple

No loss runs required, no construction requirements, no claim paperwork. Once you sign the policy, the responsibility is ours.

fast & transparent

Payouts are typically mailed in two weeks. Storm track determinations  are provided by  independent third party data from the National Hurricane Center.

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How It Works


Select Coverage Area

Choose to cover a 20-mile or 40-mile radius around your business.


Purchase Policy

Your policy is activated 30 days after your purchase and lasts for a full 12 months.


Auto-trigger Policy

If a Category 3 or higher storm track enters your coverage circle, your policy triggers. No proof of loss required. Payments increase with storm intensity and proximity to your business.


Receive Payout

Once you receive your payout, it’s yours to use however you want!

See the chart below for payout details:

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Topographical Map

40% Of All U.S. Hurricanes Hit Florida*

Since 1980, hurricanes have caused nearly a trillion dollars in damages, with an average cost of $21.5 billion in losses per event. With its long coastline and proximity to the tropics, Florida frequently finds itself in the path of these intense storms. How quickly would your small business recover after an event like that?


Hurricane Season Is Here

Enroll Now – Don’t Risk It. Vortex It.

The National Hurricane Center defines hurricane season as June 1–November 30. It takes 30 days from your purchase date for your policy to go into effect, so enroll now to get your 12-month coverage in place.

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