RAIN insurance for AIR SHOWS

Rain Insurance for Air Shows

Would rain ruin your event?

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Keep Your Success Sky High

Beautiful weather is the perfect backdrop for aerobatics, afterburners and “ahs!”

Air shows attract thousands of spectators looking for a thrilling performance. And that’s what they get when the weather is sunny and perfect. But what if it rains? Just an hour of weather could negatively impact attendance, ticket sales, concessions, merchandise, and sponsorships. That’s where we come in. 

Vortex Rain Insurance can help protect your bottom line and give you peace of mind. 

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How It Works

Hourly rain insurance works extremely well for air shows. With this product, you have the flexibility to create a custom policy that works for your event. Unlike traditional cancellation insurance, you don’t have to cancel or postpone your event to receive a payout. Even if the show goes on, you can still get compensated. Tip: Wondering how to cover the cost of the premium? Consider adding a dollar or two to each admission ticket.

  • Choose the date(s) and hours of coverage
  • Select the amount of rainfall your event can tolerate

For example, you can choose to insure $50,000 for your 8-hour event, with a rainfall threshold of 0.25 inches. If the recorded rainfall during those 8 hours is 0.25 inches or more, you’ll receive $50,000 in about two weeks.

Planning all that excitement in one spectacle takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

Don’t risk it. Vortex it. 

Use the airport’s weather station data for claim determination.

If your host airport has a qualified weather station, we’ll use that source as your determination method on your policy. If the host airport does not have a qualified weather station, or you prefer to use an alternative method, we have exceptional options for you to choose from:

  • The most popular and cost effective is National Stage IV Gridded Data.
  • You can choose to engage a Qualified Weather Observer.
  • For an additional fee, you can choose Weather Command.
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Use Your Payouts However You Want

  • Pay for increased expenses
  • Cover sunk costs
  • Offer refunds to ticket holders
  • Cover any expenses caused by damage
  • Pay staff for lost work hours
  • Replenish spoiled concessions


It’s Simple

Once you sign the policy, you’re all set. And you can focus on creating a successful event. 

  • No extra claim paperwork
  • No proof of loss required
  • No adjusters

Hourly Insurance for a single event/day

Whether your air show is one day or over a weekend, you determine the hours that are most important to the success of the show and we'll offer quote options for your review.

Multiple hourly events for several events/days

If you want to insure several hourly events during the air show dates, you select the dates, hours, and the amount of insurance needed and let us handle the rest.  

Tiered insurance limits

We can build insurance quotes that offer smaller payouts if there is light rainfall with escalating payouts as the rainfall amounts increase.  This way, a policy can still respond, even if there is only a small amount of rain.

Exactly What Does .25″ of Rain Per Hour Look Like?

The National Weather Service has a collection of video clips showing rain at different hourly rainfall rates (from .05″ to 1.50″). These will hopefully help everyone better understand how specific rainfall rates look in real time.

If you are concerned about rain at your event, or wonder if your event could tolerate .25″ of rain, check out the videos to see for yourself. We’re also here to help you talk through your concerns.


Help Protect Your Air Shows

Vortex offers weather insurance nationwide and can help protect your air show from weather risk any day or any time. Our process is quick, easy, and free. It’s worth a few minutes to see how we can help protect your revenue and your reputation. Click the link below to complete the quote request form, and we’ll provide you with quotes using the airport’s weather station. You can always let us know if you’d like to use another determination method.