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Across the country, savvy golf course operators are using Vortex Rain Insurance as a risk management tool where significant revenue is on the line.

Eric Anderson, Director of National Sales for Vortex and former professional golfer, can help you better understand your club’s weather risk and determine ways to help protect your revenue. A quick, 10-minute conversation is all it takes!

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Rainy Day Resources for Golf Course Operators

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Quixote Club, Sumter, SC

"We've partnered with Vortex to cover several of our critical events over the past few seasons, including our annual Member-Member and Member-Guest tournaments. It's a tremendous relief knowing that no matter what Mother Nature has in store during those critical times, the revenue that we've budgeted for will be protected. I would highly encourage any golf course operator with P&L responsibility to consider Vortex Rain Insurance for those high-leverage events and weekends throughout the year."

Eric Pedersen, Director of Golf

NFLA Draft Pro-Am & Experience / EPB Golf LLC

“Working with Vortex Weather Insurance to create a rain insurance policy specifically tailored to our needs (location, date/hours, measured rainfall) delivered exactly what we wanted. Our NFL Alumni Draft Pro-Am took place on Day 1 of the NFL Draft and included 24 former NFL players. One day to make it all work, with no rain date option. Vortex allowed us to buy the right insurance at a very affordable price. It meant one less thing to worry about ... exactly what we were looking for.”

Rick Summers, Chairman & CEO - PGA Magazine Group

Pinnacle Retirement Advisors

“It was a very simple process. The Vortex Team reached out the day before saying it looked like we’d have a payout. The check arrived and was deposited within five days of the tournament. The best part is that we were able to add to what we planned to donate. I recommend using Vortex to protect the overall costs and potential profits for any event.”

Gary Crawford, Co-Founder/Wealth Advisor

Carolinas PGA Section

“We are proud to have Vortex Weather Insurance as a Carolinas PGA Partner. We utilized their insurance for our PGA Championship REACH Pro-Am and PGA REACH Harvick4Heroes Pro-Am this year to ensure the revenue from our largest fundraising events were protected.  This takes the pressure off of the one element we cannot control…the weather!  We look forward to Eric Anderson and Vortex joining us for the upcoming E-Z-GO Pro-Pro Championship in Pinehurst!”

Jeff Abbot

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