Weather insurance for golf

Golf Events & Tournaments

How much could you lose if it rains before or during your event?

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Weather Insurance for Golf Events & Tournaments

The Weather can slice into your profits

In the game of golf, ideal weather is everything. Air temperature and rainfall affect whether players step up to the tee box. A weather insurance policy through Vortex can minimize Mother Nature’s impact on your business.

Exactly What Does .25″ of Rain Per Hour Look Like?

The National Weather Service has a collection of video clips showing rain at different hourly rainfall rates (from .05″ to 1.50″). These will hopefully help everyone better understand how specific rainfall rates look in real time.

If you are concerned about rain at your golf event or golf club, or wonder if your golf event or course could tolerate .25″ of rain, check out the videos to see for yourself. We’re also here to help you talk through your concerns.


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How Does Weather Insurance for Golf Work?

It’s Simple!

You select payout limits, rainfall thresholds, and time span to align with your event.

We automatically monitor precipitation data from independent sources specific to your covered location.

We offer a transparent policy trigger, without an adjuster or the hassle.

But How Much Is It?

Golf is an unpredictable sport, and so is the weather. Vortex offers our products nationwide and can help protect your business from weather risk any day or any time.

Our process is quick and easy, and working with us is uncomplicated and fast – like the perfect drive from tee to green.  Call us today for a free quote 1-203-550-6150