Rain Insurance and Cancellation Insurance

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Vortex Weather Insurance Portal Walkthrough

Our portal is a first-of-its-kind innovation for the insurtech industry, putting the power of protection from inclement weather at your fingertips 24/7/365.

Securing Your Revenue Stream
in Any Storm

Buy Your Policy

Our Vortex Weather Insurance Portal offers on convenient place to get hourly rain insurance for events and annual supplemental hurricane insurance for businesses. In just a few clicks, you can receive a customized weather insurance policy to fit your exact needs. Once purchased, you can rest assured your event or business are protected in the face of inclement weather.

Supplemental Hurricane Protection For Your Business

The Vortex Weather Insurance Portal isn’t just the perfect place to protect your event’s revenue. You can also sign up for annual hurricane protection for your business.

How It Works

Get pricing with just 4 pieces of information:

Hourly Event Coverage

  • Location
  • Date & Time
  • Coverage Amount
  • Rainfall Amount

Annual Hurricane Insurance

  • Location
  • Start Date
  • Coverage Amount
  • Coverage Proximity
Topographical Map

What Happens Next

You’ll get instant quotes that are current and accurate. Then select your policy based on your budget and wha amount of weather impact you can tolerate (rainfall amount or hurricane circle size).

Activate Your Policy

To lock down your policy, just pay your chosen premium and your policy binds in seconds. No phone calls. No stress. You’ll also receive your policy documents once it is bound. Then moving forward, it’s our job to worry about the weather, not yours!

Maintain Insurance

Through the Vortex Weather Insurance Portal, you can view claims, settlements, and future event policies all in one place anytime you need.

Get Peace of Mind

If your policy triggers, either because of rain amount or hurricane proximity, you get a check sent within two weeks. No paperwork required, no proof of loss, no cancellation. You get paid even if there is no physical damage. Simple as that.



919 Beer

Beericana Craft Beer and Music Festival has purchased rain insurance every year for eight years. We have always wondered how a claim might be handled and this year we found out. Vortex processed our claim quickly and without any hassles. A claims check was issued within six (6) days of our festival. I highly recommend rain insurance and even more highly recommend Vortex.

Wayne Holt

John Karedes, Executive Director of the DICK’S Sporting Goods Open

"The whole insurance process was incredibly simple and straightforward. The policy gave us peace of mind, knowing that if it did rain enough to impact the tournament, the financial loss will be manageable. That allowed us to focus on our main goal, which was to deliver a first class event experience for the golf fans of central New York."

Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival

"I thought signing up for rain insurance would be a difficult process.  The Vortex team made it easy; helping us determine days and levels of coverage. During the Arts in the Heart Festival weekend,  dealing with all sorts of problems with 100,000 people walking through our gates, rain was not on my mind.  I have worked with Vortex for two years and look forward to next year."

Brenda Durant, Executive Director