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Protect Your Event Revenue With Rain Insurance

The weather is unpredictable and can have negative impacts on your special events.

 While larger amounts of rain threaten the cancellation of outdoor events, even small amounts of rain can lead to drops in attendance.

Whether you’re hosting a one-time special event or a regular seasonal festival, rain insurance from Vortex can help you protect your revenue.

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Key Benefits of Rain Insurance with Vortex

  • Easy-to-build, customizable policies
  • Policies automatically trigger
  • No need for paperwork to prove loss or damage
  • Fast payouts; mailed within two weeks of a claim

How Does Rain Insurance Work?

Vortex Insurance offers an easy and straightforward quote process for events all across the country.

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1. Identify Your Weather Concerns

Select your location and your event time frame, and decide which rain threshold makes the most sense for your needs.

2. Build Your Policy

You can use the online Vortex Insurance Portal to craft a policy that’s customized to your event. All of our quotes are created using historical weather data based on your event location and time frame.

3. Get Paid Fast

After your policy is set, there’s no extra paperwork for you to fill out. Typically, if a weather event triggers your policy, your payment will be mailed within two weeks.

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Completely Customize Your Coverage

You can truly be in control of your weather contingency plan by choosing a rain insurance policy that fits your specific budget and needs.

A great way to reduce your premium is to get creative with your coverage limits, like using tiered limits and rainfall thresholds throughout the hours of operation. This option allows the business to receive a small claim amount if a small amount of rain is recorded, with gradually higher claim amounts as the recorded rainfall totals increase. 

You get to choose what times and days you want to cover. Simply determine what hours of your event are the most critical and we can build a policy around that. It’s also possible to insure several hourly events throughout the season!

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Use Your Payout As Needed

At Vortex, it’s not our business to regulate how you spend your rain insurance payout. When weather negatively impacts your event, you could be faced with a number of expenses:

  • Ticket refunds
  • Loss of vendor revenue
  • Contract cancellations
  • Venue payment
  • Employee payment
  • Loss of performer deposits
  • Reputation damage

You can use the payout from your rain insurance policy to cover any number of these damages and help you recoup losses.

Rain Insurance Is For Every Season

Vortex Weather Insurance has you covered for any number of special and seasonal events. The reality is that rain will reduce event attendance, and we can help you minimize losses due to inclement weather.

These are some of the events we insure every season:

If you’re planning an outdoor event at any time of the year, rain insurance is an absolute must. Vortex is licensed in all 50 states and can craft a quote for any region using historical weather data.

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Vortex offers rain insurance nationwide and can help protect your special events from weather risks any day or any time. We make the process quick, easy, and uncomplicated, so you can focus on executing a top-notch event.

Our Policies Trigger Automatically

Weather insurance from Vortex is a parametric product, which means the insured perils are predetermined. Traditional insurance will send an adjuster and may call out policy exclusions, but parametric weather insurance works differently. 

You don’t need proof of loss with parametric rain insurance. When the defined rainfall amount recorded meets or exceeds your policy threshold during the specified time, your claim is activated.

This means that when you build your policy you’ll know exactly how much you’re getting paid if it gets activated without needing to do extra paperwork.

How To Know If Your Policy Will Activate

If you can answer “yes” to each of these questions, your policy will trigger and you’ll receive a check.

Did rain fall on the date of my policy?

Did rain fall during the hours of my policy?

Did rain fall at my policy's exact location?

Did enough rain fall to meet or exceed my policy threshold?

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Selecting Your Rainfall Threshold

Our quotes for rain insurance are very customizable. We use long-term historical data to craft specific weather insurance policies based on the time of day, time of year, and location of your event. 

When selecting a rain threshold, clients most commonly choose one of the below options:

  • 1/10 (0.10) inch of rain – light rain
  • 3/20 (0.15) inch of rain
  • 1/5 (0.20) inch of rain
  • 1/4 (0.25) inch of rain – moderate rain
  • 1/3 (0.33) inch of rain
  • 1/2 (0.50) inch of rain – heavy rain
  • 3/4 (0.75) inch of rain
  • 1 (1.0) inch of rain

Your event doesn’t have to be canceled to receive a payout. So if your event gets rained on but can still continue, that’s awesome!

We can also build rain insurance policies that offer smaller payouts if there is light rainfall, with escalating payouts as the rainfall amounts increase.

Where We Get Our Data

Using advanced technology and historical rainfall records, Vortex accurately and quickly registers precipitation using National Stage IV gridded data that measures rainfall with approximate 2.5-mile x 2.5-mile grids. 

Stage IV gridded data uses multiple measurement sources including radar data. Preliminary rainfall amounts are recorded through the National Stage IV Gridded Data and are available typically within one day of the time defined in your policy. Then those preliminary rainfall recordings are reviewed and finalized by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration seven business days after the occurrence. This seven-day trailing period allows NOAA to provide hyperlocal, accurate data.

Don’t Just Protect Your Event, Vortex It

At Vortex Weather Insurance, we understand weather. With roots as former leaders in the weather risk management industry and having evolved into an insurtech, Vortex has provided weather risk management solutions to clients using insurance-based products since 2008. 

Our products range from data-driven policies that insure your one-time event to long-term solutions that mitigate risk.


Easily build the weather insurance policy you need. If the conditions of your policy are met, you’ll receive your payment in around one to two weeks—no cumbersome paperwork required.


We don’t just work with insurance and weather—we understand both. As an insurtech, we’ll help you understand more, too, so that you have the insight to mitigate your business risks.


We’re committed to continued advancements in the weather risk industry. Our goal is to constantly improve our operations through innovation and pass along the benefits to our clients and partners.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to risk management. Instead, we’ll create a rain insurance policy built for your specific needs and concerns to help protect your business, your brand, and your bottom line.

Build Your Policy With The Vortex Portal

Our portal is a first-of-its-kind innovation for the insurtech industry, putting the power of protection from inclement weather at your fingertips 24/7/365.

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