Supplemental Hurricane Insurance

Vortex Supplemental Hurricane Insurance

If a hurricane comes through, so do we.

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Hurricane season poses a big threat to businesses along the coasts. Vortex Supplemental Hurricane Insurance can help fill the gaps left behind by traditional P&C insurance policies.

Not Your Typical Hurricane Insurance

It’s not about the damages. Payouts are linked to specific weather events, so if the Cat-3 hurricane enters your path, you get paid.

It’s affordable. No costly deductibles and exclusions; build your policy to match your needs and your budget. 

It’s simple. No requirement to file a claim. Once you sign the policy, the responsibility is ours.

It’s fast. Claims are typically sent in less than two weeks.

It’s transparent. Claims are made based on independent third party data from the National Hurricane Center.

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How It Works


Select Area

Choose to cover a 20-mile or 40-mile radius around your business.


Purchase Policy

Your policy is activated 30 days after your purchase and lasts for a full 12 months.


Trigger Policy

If a Category 3 or higher storm enters your coverage circle, your policy triggers. No proof of loss required. Payments increase with storm intensity and proximity to your business.


Use Payout

Once you receive your payout, it’s yours to use however you want!

When to Buy

The National Hurricane Center defines hurricane season as June 1–November 30. It takes 30 days from your purchase date for your policy to go in effect, so sign up now to get your coverage in place.

Start protecting your business from bad weather today. 

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