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Types of Weather Insurance

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Why You Should Consider Weather Insurance

Taking on the Weather

How does weather impact your business?
Before you dive into the details of weather insurance, identify how weather impacts your business. What are your concerns? And what could you lose in a worst-case scenario?

Identify weather variables
What weather poses the biggest threat: rain, snow, wind, drought, or extreme temperatures? And are you concerned about too much weather or too little?

When do you need weather insurance?
Do you need help protecting a single event during a certain time frame? Or are you looking for long-term or seasonal protection, whether for an event series or a specific type of business?

Rain Insurance

When It Rains on Your Parade

The annual fireworks display becomes a soggy bust or a baseball season turns into a precipitating failure. Attendees and fans are disappointed, and you are frustrated. With properly created rain insurance, you can breathe easier knowing you can recoup financial and reputational loss resulting from this type of rain event. Not sure how rainfall affects your business? No problem. Vortex will work with you to help you understand your business’ specific rain risks.

Auto – Hail Safe®

When Hail Makes an Impact

The auto industry can be a stressful place. Under a perilous sky, your inventory is exposed. As an auto dealer, you are faced with increasing premiums and deductibles. Or worse, a canceled insurance policy. It is time for a new approach.

Traditional insurance quoting and adjusting takes too long. With ever-increasing premiums and deductibles, Auto – Hail Safe is a quick and simple cost-effective insurance product to bridge the financial gap left by traditional policies.


Snow Insurance

When Your Business Has a Snow Day

Some geographic regions will see record snowfall, while others will be impacted by an early or late snow season. Still, other areas might see little to no snow at all. This can be positive or negative, depending on the snow needs of your business. Whether you rely on shoppers who park vehicles or walk to your storefront, or conduct snowplow operations, snow insurance can help protect businesses against weather unpredictability.

Temperature Insurance

When the Weather Just Doesn’t Cooperate

An outdoor event’s economic outcome is very dependent on the weather. For fairs and festivals, rain can have a devastating effect on attendance and sales, perhaps leading to ticket refunds. If excessive heat diminishes concert attendance, the venue may never recoup its losses. Subzero temperatures can keep fall events deserted, ruining the season’s revenue. Weather insurance helps to limit your risk to adverse weather; this can be the difference between continuing your event year after year or letting weather get the upper hand.

There Will Always Be Weather

Weather data is the heartbeat of our business. But it is important to you as well.

How much rain would tip the scale for your business (or heat, snow, or frigid temperatures)? It is definitely worth the time to find out how we can help. Quotes are fast and free. This is more than a policy. Vortex can partner with you to help shield your business from weather-related financial risk.