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Outdoor events are financially vulnerable to the adverse effects of bad weather

What is Weather Insurance for Outdoor Events? 

Outdoor events are susceptible to all kinds of weather: rain, snow, excessive cold, excessive heat, and more. Worse yet, many of these outdoor events are financially vulnerable to the adverse effects of bad weather. Vortex Weather Insurance provides short-term, and long-term weather insurance policies to financially help in cases where your event is affected by negative weather.

Weather insurance can help protect businesses from increased expenses or loss of revenue caused by excessive heat, excessive cold, rain, or snow. Weather insurance policies are specifically written based on an event’s location and risk. Whether you are searching for weather insurance for a one-day event for an occasion like an outdoor festival, or an extended event like a tournament, Vortex Weather Insurance can help.

Duration of coverage and limits are tailored to a business’ needs. Policies can help cover a few hours, a few seasons, and beyond. We take into account factors like geography, time of day, time of year, and historical data to help you determine the policy that is right for you.


Why do I need Outdoor Event Insurance? 

An outdoor event’s economic outcome is very dependent on the weather. For fairs and festivals, rain can have a devastating effect on attendance and sales. If a concert is rained out, the venue may never recoup its losses. If a storm comes in during the bride’s wedding march, the bride and groom may expect compensation.

Rain showers may bring May flowers, but it is guaranteed to send your customers indoors. Excessive temperatures will do the same. Purchasing a weather insurance policy could help protect your event’s profits. Weather insurance helps to limit your risk to adverse weather; this can be the difference between continuing your event year after year or letting weather getting the upper hand.

How Weather Insurance for Outdoor Events Works: 

Vortex Weather Insurance writes customized weather insurance policies based on several factors. We consider geographic location, time of day, time of year, and historical data to help customers determine their risk and choose an appropriate policy.

We can customize insurance for a one-time event, to cover a season, or to cover an entire year or more.

Weather insurance claims are determined by using National Weather Service data or data provided by a third party approved by Vortex Weather Insurance. If the data shows that you experienced rain, snow, excessive heat, or extreme cold at or above the amount outlined in your policy, during the hours your policy covers, you will be paid.

The claims process is simple. If your insurance policy is triggered, you will receive payment in approximately two weeks.

Price of Outdoor Event Insurance: 

Weather insurance premiums are based on the probability of occurrence and are determined using historical weather data. A business does not have to insure the full value of their event or business like you would a home. The cost of an insurance policy varies based on a number of factors.

For a customized quote or any other questions, please call 866-997-2469 or email info@vortexins.com.

Examples of Weather Insurance for Events in Action: 

Weather insurance for outdoor events affected by rain or snow can help protect the hours leading up to or during an event. Weather insurance can act as a stopgap when adverse weather strikes and can help to stabilize revenue.

Weather insurance for outdoor events affected by excessive heat or cold can insure against the lack of traffic brought on by unexpected conditions. When temperatures get too high or drop too low, people are less likely to show up to an event. When temperatures are above or below average, an insurance policy could help protect and recoup losses after the event. 

Weather insurance for a one-day event is critical. A one-day event has one-shot to get it perfect, and if the weather doesn’t cooperate, revenues can’t be recouped. Using a weather insurance policy that can help protect the bottom-line when the weather prevents a successful event and big turnout.

Weather insurance for a season can help to correct too many days of poor or unfavorable weather. Policies can be written for the entire risk period or a for series of important money-making dates.


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What Our Customers Say

“Anyone who is in charge of running a charity event with a large field should consider Vortex Weather insurance. Signing up for the insurance was easy and eliminated numerous concerns if weather became an issue. It was nice knowing all of the hard work we put into our event was not going to be wasted. We liked the flexibility to set our own terms based on the amount of rainfall and the time constraints. In addition, the price was very reasonable. Having Eric Anderson onsite to represent the company also provided us great confidence in the company and service offered. We will definitely be using the service again for future events.”

— Justin Malone, General Manager, Greensboro National Golf Club

“Our largest tournaments typically involve hundreds of teams playing across 20+ facilities across the city. Vortex insures key locations so while we may experience rain at one facility, but not the others, we know we’re still covered!”

— Tori Blake, Perfect Game Midwest

“Anyone charged with the execution of a high end, costly event can relate with losing sleep to concerns about weather issues. Vortex Weather Insurance enabled us to guarantee playable weather, or offer our participants their money back. This has dramatically eased our concerns leading up to big events and fundraisers where the ability to protect everyone involved increases confidence and credibility. The Metropolitan PGA has partnered with Vortex for our association events and also as a benefit to our Section Professionals who will benefit from investing in weather insurance for their most important events and outings.”

— Jeff Voorheis, Executive Director, MET PGA Section

“We were very fortunate to recently work with Vortex for one of our major events. The service was very easy to use and set up and provided us with the needed peace of mind in case the event was impacted due to rain. We will definitely be using the service again in the future.”

— Geoff Lofstead, Executive Director, South Florida PGA

“Thanks for your help with this process. No rain, thank goodness but I was comforted knowing that if it rained a lot, our budget wouldn’t be wrecked.”

— Ian A., Executive Director, Lakewood Alive – Lakewood, OH

“We scheduled a ‘rain or shine’ event that was a large investment for our organization and we needed to mitigate the risk of bad weather.”

— Bryce H., Salina Highbanks Speedway

“I wish we would have known about Vortex years ago. We’ve had so many jobs that were a washout day after day. Vortex Weather Insurance is an opportunity to shore up your company’s finances when the rain just falls and falls.”

— Bekki Fike, Lily Creek Construction

“Philadelphia Zoo has worked with Vortex Insurance Agency to mitigate the negative impact of adverse weather on attendance. Vortex has offered us creative solutions to weather risk, and we would recommend them to any business interested in removing the uncertainty of adverse weather from its economic model”

— Karl Fritz, Director Business Operations, Philadelphia Zoo

“Weather coverage enables us to protect ‘hard’ expenses that are in the budget, which will require payment whether the event is delayed or cancelled.”

— Dennis B., Beach Soccer Club, Virginia Beach

“We recognize that rain is one of our biggest obstacles when planning any of our outdoor events. With Vortex, it is great to know that we are financially covered if rain becomes problematic. The whole process is quick and simple.”

— Stephen Lecky, Venture Richmond Events, LLC


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