Rain Insurance For Your Golf Events

Protect Your Event’s Bottom Line, Rain or Shine

When it comes to golf events, rain is an unwelcome guest that can impact your event, your revenue, and your reputation. With Vortex, protecting it all is easy.

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What We Do

Vortex removes the worry and helps protect your investment and potential revenue that could be impacted by rain. In fact, an event doesn’t even have to get canceled for a claim to pay out.

Payout is based on the personalized, hyper-local policy terms created specifically for you, which take into account your event’s most profitable time(s), as well as the smallest amount of rain that would negatively affect the success of your event. If those terms are met, you get paid. Simple.


How We Do It

The quote process is straightforward. Give us a few pieces of information (event location, date, and time) and we give you a quote based on various rain thresholds. You can even bind that quote instantly in our self-service Portal. Keep in mind that your event’s insurance policy must be purchased 15 days before the first day of the coverage period.

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1. Your Event Location

Quotes are based on hourly rainfall data collected from the National Weather Service. Readings are hyper-local, and we don’t rely solely on readings from the nearest airport. For instance, it might not rain at the nearest airport, while it rains at your event. And that matters.

2. Your Window

Insure your entire event, the hours leading up to your event, the most profitable hours or any combination that works for you.

3. Your Insurance Limit

Each policy is customized to fit your needs. You can choose to insure some or all of your event revenue and costs.

Commonly Requested Rain Options

Policies are designed using the total amount of rainfall within the window requested. Use this simple graph to see the difference between light rain and heavy rain:


Pinnacle Retirement Advisors

“It was a very simple process. The Vortex Team reached out the day before saying it looked like we’d have a payout. The check arrived and was deposited within five days of the tournament. The best part is that we were able to add to what we planned to donate. I recommend using Vortex to protect the overall costs and potential profits for any event.”

Gary Crawford, Co-Founder/Wealth Advisor

Saint Mary’s and Saint Andrew’s Golf Outing

"I recently organized the Saint Mary’s and Saint Andrew’s Golf Outing in Ellenvile, New York, and used Vortex Weather Insurance and Perfect Golf Event. Vortex provided us with rain insurance coverage which was invaluable when the event was rained out. Our payout helped us cover our expenses and fundraising goals. Perfect Golf Event helped us with our player registrations and online event promotion which made the process much easier. I highly recommend Vortex and Perfect Golf Event to anyone looking for reliable and professional services for their golf events."

Bruce Santiago

CatRangers Golf Event

"This was our third year working with Vortex to help protect our CatRangers Golf Event. I appreciate having the peace of mind, knowing that if it rains, we’ll be OK. If you’re hosting a charity event where fundraising dollars matter, get Vortex Weather Insurance. It’s simple, easy, and the year it did rain, we got paid in two weeks."

Sparrow Marcioni

DICK’S Sporting Goods Open

"We were delighted to partner with Vortex on a rain insurance policy for this year’s event. The whole insurance process was incredibly simple and straightforward. Even though it didn’t rain, the policy gave us peace of mind, knowing that if it did rain enough to impact the tournament, the financial loss would be manageable. That allowed us to focus on our main goal, which was to deliver a first-class event experience for the golf fans of Central New York."

John Karedes, Executive Director of DICK’S Sporting Goods Open

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