will rain be an uninvited guest at your outdoor event?

An outdoor event will enjoy greater success if the rain stays away. But, what if it doesn't? Vortex Weather Insurance is here to help. We have developed RainIQ, a quick and straightforward way for you to access rain insurance quotes. Gain peace of mind even if rain attends your next event!

2019 rainfall amounts in the united states

RainIQ from Vortex is unique because 'proof of loss' is not required for the insurance to pay a claim. A rain insurance claim occurs simply when the defined rainfall amount is recorded by a verifiable independent and localized source (not at an airport) during the defined coverage period. When rainfall keeps participants home, but event cancellation is not necessary, rain insurance can help recoup lost revenue. Claim payments are quick (typically received in less than two-weeks) to offer immediate financial relief.

Rain insurance can address the financial side of rainfall.
Find an hourly window option that covers your event's most profitable hours.
Hourly Window Options:
10am - 4pm
2pm - 8pm
4pm - 10pm
Rain Options:
1/10 (0.1) inch of rain - light rain
1/4 (0.25) inch of rain - moderate rain
1/2 (0.5) inch of rain - heavy rain
Even light rain can impact the success of an event.
Decide which rain threshold makes the most sense for your needs.

Quotations provided are for standard products. Requests for customized quotations can also be submitted, but will not be provided via this portal. Policy conditions are met and a claim for recovery can be made if the selected rain threshold is reached during the selected hourly window. Businesses in New Jersey and Kentucky – state and/or local premium taxes not included.