Golf Tournament Planning Guide: What You’re Missing Without Rain Insurance

Golf tournament planning guide

Golf tournament planning guide

Planning a golf tournament requires a lot of juggling. You have to lock down a golf course, decide who provides the food, get the word out to prospective players, line up sponsors for the event; it’s really a lot to consider. 

Lost in that shuffle, however, is planning for the unexpected. You don’t want all of that careful coordination to go to waste if your golf event gets rained out. 

Don’t worry, that’s where Vortex Weather Insurance has your back. Our friendly and experienced rain insurance agents understand the nuances of planning a golf tournament or event, and we can help you fit rain insurance into your overall plan. 

Take a look through this golf tournament planning guide to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a smooth and profitable event. 

Step 1: Get organized

When you’re heading out for a day on the golf course, you make sure your golf bag is equipped with everything you need. The last thing you want is to get on the green and realize you’re missing your putter!

The same goes for planning your golf event. That’s why the first step in our golf tournament planning guide is getting yourself organized. Let’s break down the different factors you need to consider:

Set a budget

Very few people enjoy crunching numbers, but it’s a crucial part of any event planning. You’ve got a lot to keep in mind when setting your budget, factors like:

  • Are you offering catering at the event?
  • If so, what kind of food, and how much food will you need?
  • Will your service be buffet style, or are you serving your guests?
  • How much will renting a course cost? Does that include golf carts or caddies?
  • What kind of prizes are you giving out (overall winner, closest to the pin, door prizes, raffles, etc.)?
  • How are you advertising or promoting your event?

All of these factors, and more, set the stage for the rest of your planning. This helps you know what you’ll need to charge for entry, and how much you should charge for sponsorship. 

Assemble your committee

Planning a golf tournament is too much for one person to handle, which is where your committee comes in. With a group of talented individuals spearheading your organizational efforts, it’s easier to stay coordinated and put together a successful event. 

When choosing your committee members, consider bringing in people from varied backgrounds. Everyone possesses unique skill sets, so combining people from all experiences and walks of life helps set your golf tournament on the right track. Definitely make sure you’ve got some avid golfers involved with the planning, because they can speak to the audience you’re trying to reach. 

Pick your date and course

You can’t host an effective golf tournament without having a course to play on! When choosing your course, location is key. If you’re expecting  a lot of out of town participants, it’s best to choose a centralized location that is near where your players are staying. Try to lock down the course as early as possible in the process, too. The course will help determine what kind of format you need, and what possible dates are available. 

Speaking of potential dates, keep in mind not only your event, but other events that might happen in the area that week. Is there a festival or other big-time event going on? Are there other golf events happening at that time, either near your location or on national broadcast? (Trust us, you don’t want to compete with The Masters for attention).

Line up sponsors

Whether you’re planning a competitive golf tournament or a charity event, sponsors are both a great way to get the word out and offset some of the costs of planning. 

Promotion is a big part of marketing plans for many companies, so sponsoring part of your golf event is beneficial for both parties. Sponsoring companies can also be a great source for volunteers who can help during the event. These volunteers may also want to get involved with the committee, further expanding your talent pool for tournament planning. 

Step 2: Make contingency plans

Once you’ve got all your clubs in your bag and you feel organized, it’s time to think about the unexpected. Even the smallest things can make your careful planning potentially unravel, so making contingency plans is an important part of our golf tournament planning guide. 

What happens if it rains during your golf tournament?

Golf is a great way to enjoy the fresh air outside, but that enjoyment can sour quickly if the weather turns. Rain on the day of your event can completely wash out your plans, and your profits, if you don’t plan for it. 

This is where rain insurance comes in handy. Rain insurance helps mitigate potential losses incurred due to inclement weather that may result in low or no attendance at your golf event. A rain insurance claim occurs simply when recorded rainfall by a verifiable independent and localized source meets or exceeds the predetermined threshold during the risk period.

We know not everyone understands the intricacies of rain insurance like we do, so here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Where does rain insurance fit into a golf tournament’s budget?

Let’s be honest, the budget for your golf tournament is probably already pretty tight. There’s a lot of spending to make the tournament happen, so fitting a rain insurance policy into that small space seems difficult. 

Luckily, there are ways to make rain insurance fit into your golf tournament budget. You could reach out to one of your sponsors and ask if they would cover that cost in return for sponsoring a hole, or include a minimal up-charge on entry fees for players. 

How is rain measured?

At Vortex, we refer to hyper-localized precipitation data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and entities such as the National Weather Service. These measurements accurately and quickly register precipitation in 2.5 mile x 2.5 mile grids. We also accept measurements made by qualified independent weather observers. 

Some other rain insurance policies use more generalized data, typically measured at airports or in one centralized location. However, Vortex ensures that our data applies specifically to your location. That’s why our policies should be an integral part of your golf tournament plans.

How much does rain insurance cost?

Weather insurance premiums are based on the probability of occurrence and are determined using historical weather data. Variances in geography, time of day, time of year, and amount of historical data available all play a role in determining the premium amount under any weather insurance policy. Policies can even be as low as a few hundred dollars.  

How far in advance should I purchase weather insurance for my event?

You can purchase your policy as far ahead as 2 years before your scheduled event. However, you must purchase a policy no later than 15 days before your event. We recommend that you purchase your policy as soon as possible. Basically, as soon as you decide on a location, a day, and a time, you have the information you need to calculate your rain insurance cost!

What are other weather factors to consider when planning a golf tournament?

One thing we often remind clients planning for outdoor event or festival insurance is to know the type of ground where their event will take place, because that can make a significant difference on how rain affects your event. Rainfall impacts pavement, gravel, grass, and dirt in very different ways. 

If you know that the course where you’re holding your golf tournament is susceptible to flooding, even a little rain could be potentially hazardous for your event and your revenue. Understanding the nuances of your location, like the drainage system or how quickly rain evaporates in your area, are important factors to consider when planning for rain insurance. 

What data do you use to craft policies?

Long-term historical data is used to craft data-specific weather insurance policies and determine premiums. Even if your business or event has not experienced extreme weather conditions in the past, others in the area may have. This history can categorize an area as high-risk and result in higher premiums for policyholders. 

We strive for transparency with our customers and explain specifics in historical weather patterns, events, and other risks we consider when determining rain insurance cost.

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Make Vortex Weather Insurance a part of your golf tournament planning

If you take anything away from this golf tournament planning guide, it should be the importance of rain insurance for your event. None of your careful planning matters if your event is ultimately wiped out due to the weather. 

When you work with Vortex Weather Insurance, we’ve got your back for all rainfall-related questions . Find out more about our weather insurance policies by using our virtual cost analysis tool, or contact us and we can assist you with anything you may need.

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