How to Safeguard Your Mission with Weather Insurance for Nonprofits

Fundraisers are vital to your daily operations and securing year-over-year support. While strategic planning is necessary, we know time spent worrying about uncontrollable details–like the weather–is focus taken away from your nonprofit’s mission. Unexpected rain during an event can cause your organization significant financial damage. Rest easy knowing that despite the weather, a Vortex rain insurance policy can help protect your precious budget.

Why do I need rain insurance for fundraisers?
You’ve spent months preparing for the annual 5k, and you’re optimistic that this year’s fundraising event will bring in the highest donation amounts in your organization’s history. Down to the post-race bananas, you can plan every detail except one – rain, the uninvited guest that can interfere with registration and revenue.

Your nonprofit can’t afford to risk losing fundraising dollars, and rain insurance can offer the dependability that the weather cannot. Rain insurance is a weather risk management product that can help protect your organization from lost revenue or increased expenses caused by excessive rain or lack of rain.

What type of rain insurance policy do I need?
We can write a policy to insure intermittent or long-lasting rainfall over a few hours or a few days. For example, you’re concerned that heavy rain will deter attendees from attending your weekend concert fundraiser, negatively affecting ticket, concession, and merchandise revenue. We have a policy for that. Maybe your 5k relies heavily on walk-up registration, and you’re worried light rainfall a few hours before race time will keep runners at home. Our policies can help with that, too.

If you’re not sure what type of weather insurance policy is best for your nonprofit, Vortex works with you to help you understand your event’s specific rainfall risks. With in-house meteorologists and historical weather data, we can help define the worst-case scenario so you can avoid it.

How much does rain insurance for nonprofits cost?
No one knows your nonprofit’s financial needs better than you, and Vortex can work with you through its customizable quote process to address those specific needs. Vortex works hard to help you stay focused on the heart of your mission by using financial averages, overhead costs, and other data to help you assess the risks to your budget. We can use different limits during the quote process to help determine weather insurance pricing, and our tailored policies can combine limits, coverage times, and more to lessen your financial risk.

Want more information on how to protect your next nonprofit event from rain or other weather conditions? Visit us online for a free quote.