Don’t Overlook This Critical Step When Planning An Event in 2021

Event Planning in 2021

January is the time of year when fairs, festivals, nonprofits, and racing organizations begin to plan events for the coming year. COVID-19 filled 2020 with unexpected hurdles, delays, and reschedules. With or without a vaccine, organizations will likely find alternative ways to execute events as they will not want to miss revenue two years in a row.  If your organization … Read More

The True Cost of Rain Insurance: 5 Determinants That Impact Pricing

Red umbrella with Rain

How many times have you searched for insurance costs only to find articles that talk around the subject but never actually give you substantial numbers? We understand that many companies TALK about insurance, but no one really explains how much it costs. When the weather plays a part in your event or business’s success, it’s essential to help protect your … Read More

Car Dealership Hail Insurance: 5 Reasons Why Dealers Need Coverage


If April showers bring May flowers, June brings hail. The highest hail numbers on a national scale occur in June as warmth and humidity build across the United States. For auto dealerships, hail means significant risks, like vehicle damage costing hundreds of thousands, potentially millions of dollars. On top of that, hail can bring delayed selling timelines and unexpected expenses … Read More

Long-Term Weather Insurance: Seasonal Coverage for Your Business

Kid on a swing sitting in the rain.

The weather can affect more than just outdoor events. When used properly, weather insurance can be a budget stabilization tool for companies that need to protect their investments all season long. More specifically, seasonal weather insurance is a long-term solution for businesses that either operate only seasonally or rely on a specific time of the year for the bulk of … Read More

Event Weather Plan: Budgeting for the Weather During Your Outdoor Event

Concert hall with lights.

A lot goes into planning an event. If you’re an outdoor event planner, you know the success of your hard work relies heavily on ideal weather conditions. Weather plays a large part in both the budget and the time it takes to plan an outdoor event. Coordinating the moving parts to ensure a successful event leaves little room for added … Read More