Long-Term Weather Insurance: Seasonal Coverage for Your Business

The weather can affect more than just outdoor events. When used properly, weather insurance can be a budget stabilization tool for companies that need to protect their investments all season long. More specifically, seasonal weather insurance is a long-term solution for businesses that either operate only seasonally or rely on a specific time of the year for the bulk of their revenue.

A weather insurance policy can help protect your seasonal business from excessive, inclement, or lack of weather. When you need simple protection against too much (or too little) weather or a more creative approach, Vortex tailors the duration of coverage and limits to your business’ needs to support an effective weather risk management plan.

Businesses juggle countless variables that impact your bottom line—you don’t need to worry about the weather, too. Understanding how weather impacts your business—and how to mitigate that risk—helps you stabilize revenue, stay ahead of the competition, and be financially prepared for the unexpected.

How does Seasonal Weather Insurance Coverage Work?

Seasonal weather insurance is exactly what it sounds like: an insurance policy that helps to protect your business’ revenue stream against bad weather throughout a specific season. For example, it’s an unusually mild winter, which means your snow removal business takes a hit. Or as your construction company watches excessive rainfall day after day, jobs–and income–become delayed. Suddenly you’re unexpectedly juggling cash flow, which can put a strain on overall operations.

A policy customized to your weather risk management needs can help stabilize your budget during a specifically profitable season. Vortex tailors the duration of coverage and limits to your business. Policies can help cover a particular season and beyond with our creative solutions. We account for geography, time of year, risk, and historical data with expertise from our in-house meteorologists to help you determine the policy that is right for you.

Seasonal weather insurance works in two ways: too much weather and not enough weather. Watch our video, What is Weather Insurance?, for examples of how weather, in all its forms, can affect your business. With a Vortex Weather Insurance policy, you can face any season confident that no matter how much snow or rain falls (or doesn’t), your business is protected.

Too Much Weather

When most companies think of a weather insurance policy it’s to help protect against too much weather. While a Vortex policy can help to protect your event against bad weather, seasonal weather insurance is different. Consider the city zoo: Summertime is when the zoo brings in the bulk of its revenue. Most summers, the warm and sunny weather acts as an ally to the zoo. However, this season is exceptionally rainy, and attendance at the zoo is down significantly. With a Vortex weather insurance policy, the zoo can mitigate the negative impact the rain has on ticket and concession sales, and ultimately, its bottom line.

Not Enough Weather

A seasonal weather insurance policy is very important for a business that relies on certain kinds of weather to meet budgetary goals. For example, snow removal company trucks sit idle if snow doesn’t fall on the city, and so does its revenue. Seasonal insurance can be a part of a snow management plan to help protect a business from the lack of weather events that threaten its financial endurance. Even more, a lack of rain or drought conditions can also harm individual businesses. Restorative construction can lose vital revenue without rainfall. Basements stay dry, and roofs may not need to be repaired if the skies remain clear day-after-day.

Vortex can build a unique weather structure that fits your needs for a day, throughout a season, or longer. Whether rain, snow, or drought, you can shore up your business with a Vortex Weather Insurance policy.

Who Needs Seasonal Coverage?

Across every industry, seasons–and the corresponding weather–pose specific risks to businesses, like decreased sales or increased expenses. Vortex understands that weather risk management is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We tailor each seasonal weather insurance policy to fit your business’ specific risk and concern.

If any part of your business is outdoors, chances are you rely on the weather for revenue. We build policies for spring rain, winter snow, summertime high and low temperatures, or any combination of measurable weather elements with duration, coverage, limit, payout structure, and triggering events customized to your needs.

Spring Weather Insurance

We all know that with spring comes the risk of rain. On top of that, forecasters are now calling for a substantially warmer-than-normal spring which brings its own set of challenges for businesses that rely on the spring season weather to turn profits. Many businesses can benefit from rain insurance and weather insurance for spring, like:

  • Dirt and asphalt racetracks
  • Minor/Independent league baseball organizations
  • Zoos
  • Theme parks
  • Construction companies

Summer Weather Insurance

As temperatures rise in the summer, many industries rely on this season for their revenue to increase, too. Summer season weather brings the risk of too much or not enough heat. If it’s too cool or it’s raining, families will skip the waterpark. If it’s too hot (or again, raining), camps and sporting events may be canceled out of concern for safety. Here are a few examples of businesses that can benefit from heat insurance and seasonal weather insurance for summer:

  • Water parks
  • Paintball courses
  • Golf courses
  • Summer camps
  • Construction companies
  • Farmers


We take the success of your business seriously, no matter the season. Working with Vortex to develop a long-term weather insurance plan can ensure that come rain, snow, heat, or cold, your business–and your budget–is prepared for it all. We take the time to share our data and expertise and customize a policy that’s right for you. We believe in making things easy to help keep your business moving, so our quote process is simple and easy. Get started today.