How much is weather insurance?

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear, “How much does weather insurance cost?” The honest answer. It depends.

Factors that Affect Weather Insurance Pricing

Generally, weather insurance premiums are based on the likelihood of the event occurring and are determined using historical weather data and meteorological analysis. The cost of an insurance policy varies and is dependent on multiple factors. 


Geographic location is a factor when writing a weather insurance policy. Rain insurance in a desert state will commonly be less expensive than rain insurance in the Pacific Northwest.

However, this isn’t a guarantee. Some deserts have a monsoon season.


Beyond location, a difference in price can occur during different seasons of the year. Rain insurance in Seattle during December will have very different pricing than a similar policy in Seattle during August when the city tends to be drier.

Rain insurance, snow insurance, and other types of weather insurance pricing will vary based on time of year.

Time of Coverage 

Customers have a lot of flexibility over the number of hours or days they select to insure their business or event. The longer your coverage period, the higher the probability that a weather event will occur. Pricing can reflect this.

The greater the chance that a weather event may occur means the greater the chance it may happen when you don’t want it to. Using weather insurance can help protect your business when bad weather develops.

The Probability of a Weather Event

A combination of historical data, geography, season, and time of day help determine the likelihood of a weather event.

We utilize decades of data and meteorological insight to determine the probability of an event occurring. For example, from our data we can establish between June and August Seattle has a 4.7% chance of .25 inches of rain falling on any given day. For Chicago, during the same period, the probability is 14.9%.

(With this data and insight, we are able to recognize the best ways to help our clients.)

Putting it All Together

Weather data is the heartbeat of our business. But it is important to you as well.

Do you really know how much it rains, snows, the average temperature for your location (without searching online)? Do you know how much rain will destroy your event? How much snow will impair your business? We have the tools to help you navigate those questions.

This is more than a policy. Vortex can partner with you to help shield your business from weather-related financial risk.


So, How Much Does Weather Insurance Cost?

Anytown, U.S.A. – Weather Insurance Illustration

In Anytown, U.S.A. rain amounts vary throughout seasons and the year. Some seasons’ average rainfall is much higher than others.

The probability of rain falling .25” between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm during a historically rainy month is 11%, and in another traditionally drier month during the same hours, the probability is only 6%.

If the limit for the policy was $10,000, the client could expect to pay at least $1,100 (11%) during the rainy month and at least $600 (6%) during the drier month*.

*Please note that there are many variables involved in calculating weather risk. This is a very basic model. Premiums will vary with the inclusion of coverage location, coverage date, coverage hours, meteorological data, etc. Additional charges and fees may be associated with a policy. These prices are a simple estimation and should not be used to determine premium.

Are You Willing to Take on the Weather?

Seventy-percent of businesses are affected by the weather1, and chances are that includes yours.

Despite the need for lessening weather risk, many businesses choose not to–citing costs as too high.

Can your business afford the alternative worst-case weather scenario?

How to Purchase Weather Insurance

Vortex Insurance Agency is happy to help you navigate the different weather policies we can write for your specific event or business. 

For a weather analysis, customized quote, or any other questions, please call 866-997-2469 or email

1. Parnaudeau, Jean-Louis BertrandMiia. “Severe Weather Threatens Businesses. It’s Time to Measure and Disclose the Risks.” Harvard Business Review, 14 Sept. 2017,

What Our Customers Say

“Anyone who is in charge of running a charity event with a large field should consider Vortex Weather insurance. Signing up for the insurance was easy and eliminated numerous concerns if weather became an issue. It was nice knowing all of the hard work we put into our event was not going to be wasted. We liked the flexibility to set our own terms based on the amount of rainfall and the time constraints. In addition, the price was very reasonable. Having Eric Anderson onsite to represent the company also provided us great confidence in the company and service offered. We will definitely be using the service again for future events.”

— Justin Malone, General Manager, Greensboro National Golf Club

“Our largest tournaments typically involve hundreds of teams playing across 20+ facilities across the city. Vortex insures key locations so while we may experience rain at one facility, but not the others, we know we’re still covered!”

— Tori Blake, Perfect Game Midwest

“Anyone charged with the execution of a high end, costly event can relate with losing sleep to concerns about weather issues. Vortex Weather Insurance enabled us to guarantee playable weather, or offer our participants their money back. This has dramatically eased our concerns leading up to big events and fundraisers where the ability to protect everyone involved increases confidence and credibility. The Metropolitan PGA has partnered with Vortex for our association events and also as a benefit to our Section Professionals who will benefit from investing in weather insurance for their most important events and outings.”

— Jeff Voorheis, Executive Director, MET PGA Section

“We were very fortunate to recently work with Vortex for one of our major events. The service was very easy to use and set up and provided us with the needed peace of mind in case the event was impacted due to rain. We will definitely be using the service again in the future.”

— Geoff Lofstead, Executive Director, South Florida PGA

“Thanks for your help with this process. No rain, thank goodness but I was comforted knowing that if it rained a lot, our budget wouldn’t be wrecked.”

— Ian A., Executive Director, Lakewood Alive – Lakewood, OH

“We scheduled a ‘rain or shine’ event that was a large investment for our organization and we needed to mitigate the risk of bad weather.”

— Bryce H., Salina Highbanks Speedway

“I wish we would have known about Vortex years ago. We’ve had so many jobs that were a washout day after day. Vortex Weather Insurance is an opportunity to shore up your company’s finances when the rain just falls and falls.”

— Bekki Fike, Lily Creek Construction

“Philadelphia Zoo has worked with Vortex Insurance Agency to mitigate the negative impact of adverse weather on attendance. Vortex has offered us creative solutions to weather risk, and we would recommend them to any business interested in removing the uncertainty of adverse weather from its economic model”

— Karl Fritz, Director Business Operations, Philadelphia Zoo

“Weather coverage enables us to protect ‘hard’ expenses that are in the budget, which will require payment whether the event is delayed or cancelled.”

— Dennis B., Beach Soccer Club, Virginia Beach

“We recognize that rain is one of our biggest obstacles when planning any of our outdoor events. With Vortex, it is great to know that we are financially covered if rain becomes problematic. The whole process is quick and simple.”

— Stephen Lecky, Venture Richmond Events, LLC


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