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You’re in the art festival business, which means the success of your event likely relies heavily on ideal weather. It can be frustrating to watch months of preparation and coordination drenched by an unwelcome rain storm. Since weather is unpredictable, a rain insurance policy helps to protect your business’ bottom line against the costly effects of negative weather. By choosing Vortex Weather Insurance for your weather risk management needs, you can focus on the important details needed to produce a successful art festival, and we’ll focus on the weather.

Quick And Easy

To get a quote, just tell us who, where, when and how much.


We bring a unique combination of weather risk and insurance experience to help with your weather risk management decision.


We can build weather insurance policies based on your specific risk and budget.

Fast Claims

If your policy triggers, the payout is typically mailed in less than two weeks.

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How weather insurance for art festivals works

It’s Quick and Simple!

You choose payout limits, rainfall thresholds, and time span needed to align with your event.

We automatically monitor weather data from independent sources specific to your covered location.

Once you pay the premium, you’re set. If the policy is triggered, the claims process is simple.

Our policies offer a transparent trigger, without an adjuster or the hassle.

Hourly Insurance for a single event/day

If your art festival is a single-day event, or if you want to insure a critical portion of your weekend-long art festival, you determine the hours that are most important to the success of the event and we'll offer quote options for your review.

Multiple hourly events for several events/days

If you want to insure several hourly events of a multi-day festival, you select the dates, hours and the amount of insurance needed and let us handle the rest.  

Tiered insurance limits

We can build insurance quotes that offer smaller payouts for light rainfall with escalating payouts as the rainfall amount increases.  This way, a policy can still respond, even if there is only a small amount of rain.



919 Beer

Beericana Craft Beer and Music Festival has purchased rain insurance every year for eight years. We have always wondered how a claim might be handled and this year we found out. Vortex processed our claim quickly and without any hassles. A claims check was issued within six (6) days of our festival. I highly recommend rain insurance and even more highly recommend Vortex.

Wayne Holt

Roadway Productions

“After producing events for 20 years, I decided to purchase weather insurance for the very first time. My first experience was with Vortex, and I have to say it was simple, straight forward, and paid out the very first time!  If it rains at your weather station more than the amount you buy, you get paid just like that!  I had the check within a week and a half!  I purchased another policy for the same event, and it rained again.  Just that easy I was paid out the second time I ever purchased rain insurance.  If you have any doubt, just contact me.  I feel safer knowing that I can cover my bills from the event if it rains.”

French Smith

Venture Richmond Events, LLC

“We recognize that rain is one of our biggest obstacles when planning any of our outdoor events.  With Vortex, it is great to know that we are financially covered if rain becomes problematic.  The whole process is quick and simple.”

Stephen Lecky

Let Us Insure Your Art Festival

Vortex offers weather insurance nationwide and can help protect your business from weather risk any day or any time. Our process is quick and easy, and working with us is uncomplicated and fast. Call or click today for a free quote 1-866-997-2469


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Get to Know Vortex

In 2008, Vortex Weather Insurance was launched from its parent company, MSI GuaranteedWeather to allow easier access for businesses to financially mitigate weather risks. Over a decade later, Vortex has become a leader in offering weather insurance through weather technology advances to help better serve our partners. Vortex has been helping art festivals protect their revenue and expenses with weather risk insurance for over 10 years.  Let us show you how we make the process easy and understandable from quotes to claim payments.