How To Use The Vortex Weather Insurance Portal

This is a cutting-edge leap in the insurtech industry, offering event planners and organizers and business owners 24/7 access to the tools they need to help protect their revenue from bad weather. Price and buy a single event weather insurance policy or an annual hurricane insurance policy in just a few minutes!

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Protection for your event’s reputation and revenue


Help protect your event’s reputation and decrease the risk of revenue loss. With Vortex Weather Insurance Portal, you can customize a weather insurance policy to fit your exact needs, and buy it in a matter of minutes. Take advantage of on-demand portal pricing, back office support and instant document generation. Best of all, get peace-of-mind knowing your revenues are insured regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way.

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Hurricane Protection For Your Business

The portal isn’t just the perfect place to protect your event’s revenue. You can also sign up for annual hurricane protection for your business!


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What Happens Next

You’ll get instant quotes that are current and accurate. Then, select your policy based on your budget and the amount of rainfall you need help protecting against.

Activate Your Policy

To lock it down, just pay your chosen premium and your policy binds in seconds, no phone calls, no stress. You’ll also receive your policy documents once it’s bound. Moving forward, you don’t have to worry about the weather. It’s our job now!

Maintain Insurance

Having an Event Portal account means you can view claims, settlements, and future event policies all in one place, anytime you need.

Get Peace of Mind

If the recorded measured rainfall during the specified time period at your event location meets or exceeds the threshold in your policy, you get a check–literally–usually sent within two weeks. No paperwork, proof of loss, or cancelation required. You get paid even if the event still goes on. It’s that simple.