How Rain Insurance Fits in Your Golf Event Budget

Golf Tournament Weather Insurance

Nov 30, 2021

How can weather insurance help?

A persistent downpour can spell disaster for a golf event. It is impossible to predict weeks or months in advance what weather conditions will be like on the day of your event. You may be wondering, though, about golf tournament weather insurance.

How do I fit weather insurance into my budget?

It is true that weather insurance is another upfront cost in planning a golf event. In most cases, event organizers must spend money up front to prepare for any kind of event. Adding weather insurance with these costs can provide financial protection if unexpected precipitation ruins your event. With a simple insurance policy, you can recoup what you could lose in expenditures.

Many organizers of music festivals, charity golf events, and outdoor events of all kinds add weather insurance to their event budget for peace of mind. They’ve found that they can easily offset the cost of this with minimal up charge on tickets and entry fees. If it rains and meets or surpasses the policy parameters, their claim is paid and if weather doesn’t occur, the cost is covered by the slight up charge, as we previously mentioned.

How much can I insure?

Your policy can go farther than your upfront costs if you wish as well. There is no limit on policy coverage. Vortex Weather Insurance makes it simple to understand and set up a rain insurance policy.  

A major advantage of weather insurance is that the claims process is simple and easy to understand. If precipitation occurs during your insured event hours and meets or exceeds the threshold of your policy, your covered policy is activated and pays in full. There is no lengthy claims process. Once we have confirmation of precipitation, your policy pays out in full for the amount of insurance purchased. Covered policy payouts are usually mailed within 2 weeks.

Event planners nationwide are taking advantage of weather insurance. When you’re planning something with a lot of moving parts, the last thing you want to worry about is inclement weather ruining your event. With Vortex, you can take weather worry out of the equation.

Contact Vortex for Comprehensive Weather Insurance

You can plan almost every part of an event. One thing you can’t plan, though, is the weather. If you are coordinating any type of outdoor event, a weather policy with Vortex Weather Insurance is something you should consider. 

Find out more about how weather insurance works with our virtual cost analysis tool – it’s free. You can also reach us directly if you prefer. Give us a call and let us give you a quote on a policy for your upcoming event. It’s fast and easy!

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