Why Choose Vortex Weather Insurance

Weather insurance that does more

Weather is unpredictable. Build coverage that helps protect your company’s bottom line against the negative effects of rain, heat, cold, or a combination of elements. Vortex makes it simple, straightforward, fast, and on your terms.

We understand weather. With roots as early leaders in the weather risk management industry, Vortex has provided weather risk management solutions to clients using insurance-based products since 2008. Our products range from data-driven policies that insure your one-time event to long-term solutions that mitigate risk and help protect your bottom line. Our difference is experience, simplicity, and flexibility. Our priority is the success of your business.

Knowledgeable, experienced weather insurance providers 

You aren’t a weather expert, but you know your business depends on good weather to boost revenue. We work with experienced meteorologists with weather expertise that spans the globe. We pair their knowledge and tools with our seasoned weather risk management team to develop diverse options tailored to your business’ specific needs. Together we help you understand both weather and insurance, so you have the insight to minimize your business risks.

Weather coverage customized to your needs

Weather conditions can impact your revenue with decreased sales or increased expenses. In fact, 70% of businesses worldwide are affected by bad weather. Vortex tailors each weather insurance policy to fit your business’ specific risk and concern. We build policies for rain, snow, high and low temperatures, or any combination of measurable weather elements with duration, coverage, limit, payout structure, and triggering events customized to your needs. We offer our products nationwide and can help protect your business from weather risk any day or any time.

Unbeatable customer service and efficiency

We believe in making things easy to help keep your business moving. The quote process is quick and simple, and after considering a few key points, we help you choose the weather coverage that’s right for you. If the conditions of your policy are met, your claim is typically resolved with payment sent within two weeks–no lengthy paperwork or adjusters required. Working with us is uncomplicated, clear, and fast.

Event insurance that helps protect

Partnering for the success of your business is the most important thing to us. All we do is weather insurance so we can provide thoughtful and accurate data to mitigate risk. Vortex offers weather insurance products underwritten by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance USA Inc. (MSU) a member insurer of the US operations of MS & AD. MSU has a Best’s Credit Rating of A+ (Superior) backed by a global network of operations considered among the world’s top property and casualty insurance companies. We provide event insurance for races and festivals, sporting events, amusement parks, parades and everything in between. Whether you need snow insurance, rain insurance, simple protection against excessive weather or a more creative approach, our historically strong, stable and highly-rated support system is here to help.

What our customers say

No one tells our story better than our customers.

“We recognize that rain is one of our biggest obstacles when planning any of our outdoor events. With Vortex, it is great to know that we are financially covered if rain becomes problematic. The whole process is quick and simple.”

Stephen Lecky, Venture Richmond Events, LLC