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Smiling insurance broker helping customer with weather insurance for insurance brokers

Fill that hole when rain fills the gullies, with weather insurance for insurance brokers.

When it rains it pours, right? But your client’s revenue might pour down the gutter with the rain if they’re not properly protected with weather insurance. That’s where Vortex Weather Insurance helps you give your event clients the best service you can.

Let us put together a quote for you. No matter what type of event your client is planning for, the team at Vortex will help you set them, and you, up for the best success in bad weather. Vortex’s combined expertise in meteorology, weather risk management, and insurance delivers excellent service and a positive experience for clients across all 50 states.

ProIQ: weather insurance for brokers like you

You already have access to a full array of insurance measures to help your client. But all too often, this important piece to the professional insurance puzzle is left out. Why? Many brokers don’t know where to find it.

Vortex offers an exclusive producer portal for insurance brokers called ProIQ. Using this online tool, you can expand your business to include parametric weather insurance. 

:icensed P&C insurance producers here in the United states can use ProIQ as a connection to a simple and effective risk management tool. Do you have current or potential insureds who may be financially impacted by adverse weather like rain, snow, or extreme temperatures? You can strategically utilize Vortex Weather Insurance to help reduce lost revenue and expenses that are typically uninsured through traditional policies. 

Use our exclusive online ProIQ portal, and help fill these uninsured gaps by providing your insureds a valuable risk management service.

Be the broker with all the answers

There are several benefits of weather index insurance:

  • A carefully crafted weather insurance policy can stabilize a business’ budget (revenues) during non-optimal periods of weather.
  • A business can reduce reputation risk during periods of extreme weather.
  • Quick and simple claim adjustments allow for payments TYPICALLY in less than 2 weeks.
  • Customization allows the client to build a policy based on their specific risk and/or budget.
  • Fill uninsured gaps (business income, deductibles, etc.).

Did you know there’s insurance for a hole-in-one? We’re not putt-ing you on.

One of the surprising benefits for your clients: if policy conditions are met, we resolve the claim with payment within two weeks–no lengthy paperwork, proof of loss, or adjusters required. And unlike event cancellation insurance, our weather insurance policy can trigger even if the event continues. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Contact us about ProIQ, and about how our weather insurance works. We would love the opportunity to talk shop with you. We’re confident we can find common ground sharing effective products that help your clients, and creating true relationships that help their—and our mutual—bottom lines.

Event planners need rain insurance too

Weather the storm with Vortex Weather Insurance

As insurance broker, offer rain insurance for your event clients, so you can ensure their peace of mind. Contact us for a no-hassle talk about how we can partner for the future.

We write policies for rain, snow, high and low temperatures, or any combination of measurable weather elements with duration, limits, payout structure, and triggering events customized to client needs. Don’t worry about the weather. Let us, at Vortex Weather Insurance.