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The Weather Can Spoil More Than Your Event.

It can also hinder—even damage—your business.

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What is Weather Insurance?

If weather happens, how much could you lose?

Weather insurance helps protect you and your event or business from adverse weather conditions. Using historical weather data and your input, we create policy options specific to your coverage needs and weather risks. If the policy conditions are met, you receive payment—no additional documentation needed.

Weather insurance

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Financial Relief

Parametric Rain Insurance

Cancellation is not required to receive a payout.

With a Vortex rain insurance policy, cancellation or ‘proof of loss’ are not required for the insurance to pay a claim. A rain insurance claim occurs simply when the defined rainfall amount recorded by a verifiable independent and localized source (not at an airport) during the defined time period and the rainfall amount meets or exceeds the predetermined threshold. When rainfall keeps participants home, but event cancellation is not necessary, rain insurance can help recoup lost revenue. Plus, claim payments are quick (typically mailed in less than two weeks) to offer immediate financial relief.

Vortex Insurance offers a quick and straightforward way for you to access rain insurance quotes. Gain peace of mind even if rain attends your next event!

Supplemental Hurricane Insurance

We can help you weather any storm!

Vortex Supplemental Hurricane Insurance can help bridge the gap between what your company’s hurricane insurance covers, and the total of your deductible and revenue losses. 

Our policies trigger if a category 3 or stronger hurricane enters your coverage proximity. You don’t have to prove any damage, incur losses, or see an adjuster. Payments increase with storm intensity and proximity to your business.

All you need to do is select your area of coverage and purchase your policy.

Available now in all Gulf and Atlantic coastal states. Hurricane season officially runs June 1 – November 30. Learn more below.


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Why We’re Different


You might call us weather nerds, and we’re fine with that. We don’t just work with insurance and weather—we understand both. And we’ll help you understand more, too, so that you have the insight to mitigate your business risks.


You choose the type of weather insurance you need. And if the conditions of your policy are met, you’ll receive your payment in about two weeks—no cumbersome paperwork required.


Risk management isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we’ll create a policy for your specific needs and concerns so that you can protect your brand, your business, and your bottom line.

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Music Festival

"Using the Vortex portal to secure rain insurance for my concert was so easy!  I was able to register and purchase a customized policy in less than 5 minutes.  If you run an outdoor event, you can trust that the Vortex portal is the quickest and easiest way to insure against rain!"

Adrian V.

Boyd County Fair (KY)

"Vortex Weather insurance has been our go-to for years insuring against rainfall at the Boyd County Fair.  Although we’ve enjoyed several years of great weather, we recently experienced a couple of storms that impacted our attendance and sales.  Thankfully, through our rain insurance we were able to quickly and easily recoup a sizable amount of our losses due to the bad weather.  The company is extremely helpful with any questions we have.  The process of filing the claim was simple and the time to process was only a few days.  We will always trust Vortex Weather Insurance for our needs."

Ellen K

Lakewood Alive

"As the executive director of a small non-profit organization, event revenue is crucial to our bottom line to support our work in the community. When those events are outdoors, the risk for bad weather can severely impact our operational budget. That’s why we have chosen to work with Vortex for several years to safeguard against a rainout. Low and behold, we experienced a significant rain event during a major event that severely limited our day-of revenue. Andrew and the Vortex team have been excellent to work with and this partnership will soften the blow from lack of event revenue that impacts our ability to support folks in our community. I highly recommend working with Vortex Insurance.”

Ian A.

Rich Hill 4th of July Committee

“Since 1883 the City of Rich Hill has had an annual 4th of July celebration.  As this occasion gained popularity over the years, so did our expenses in keeping up with offering a top-notch experience.  We decided to contact Vortex to help protect our investment if rain impacted this annual event and we’re sure glad we did!  Heavy rain resulted in a claim the second year we purchased a policy from Vortex, and the entire process was quick and simple.  Anyone who depends on good weather for a successful community event should consider using Vortex!”

Natalea P.

Quixote Club, Sumter, SC

"We've partnered with Vortex to cover several of our critical events over the past few seasons, including our annual Member-Member and Member-Guest tournaments. It's a tremendous relief knowing that no matter what Mother Nature has in store during those critical times, the revenue that we've budgeted for will be protected. I would highly encourage any golf course operator with P&L responsibility to consider Vortex Rain Insurance for those high-leverage events and weekends throughout the year."

Eric Pedersen, Director of Golf

Red Wine and Brew Music Festival

"Thank you for making the rain insurance process easy! As painful as the rain is to events ... getting the insurance claim submitted and paid out has been a breeze with you!"

Carey Garwood, Business Manager

Carolinas PGA Section

“We are proud to have Vortex Weather Insurance as a Carolinas PGA Partner. We utilized their insurance for our PGA Championship REACH Pro-Am and PGA REACH Harvick4Heroes Pro-Am this year to ensure the revenue from our largest fundraising events were protected.  This takes the pressure off of the one element we cannot control…the weather!  We look forward to Eric Anderson and Vortex joining us for the upcoming E-Z-GO Pro-Pro Championship in Pinehurst!”

Jeff Abbot

DICK’S Sporting Goods Open

"We are thrilled to partner with Vortex on another rain insurance policy for the 2023 Tournament week. The whole insurance process is so simple and straight-forward. Just like last year, our policy gives us peace of mind knowing that if rain impacts the tournament or any ancillary events, such as Country Superstar Kenny Chesney’s Friday night concert, the financial loss will be manageable. Now, we can focus on our main goal, delivering a first-class event experience for the golf fans of Central New York."  

John Karedes, Executive Director

Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival

"I thought signing up for rain insurance would be a difficult process.  The Vortex team made it easy; helping us determine days and levels of coverage. During the Arts in the Heart Festival weekend,  dealing with all sorts of problems with 100,000 people walking through our gates, rain was not on my mind.  I have worked with Vortex for two years and look forward to next year."

Brenda Durant, Executive Director

919 Beer

Beericana Craft Beer and Music Festival has purchased rain insurance every year for eight years. We have always wondered how a claim might be handled and this year we found out. Vortex processed our claim quickly and without any hassles. A claims check was issued within six (6) days of our festival. I highly recommend rain insurance and even more highly recommend Vortex.

Wayne Holt

Stamford Downtown

Every year our outdoor concert series attracts tens of thousands of attendees. But if rainfall occurs, we risk taking a significant financial hit which is why we use Vortex Rain Insurance. The entire process, from requesting quotes, to placing coverage, to submitting a claim, was quick and simple!


Roadway Productions

“After producing events for 20 years, I decided to purchase weather insurance for the very first time. My first experience was with Vortex, and I have to say it was simple, straight forward, and paid out the very first time!  If it rains at your weather station more than the amount you buy, you get paid just like that!  I had the check within a week and a half!  I purchased another policy for the same event, and it rained again.  Just that easy I was paid out the second time I ever purchased rain insurance.  If you have any doubt, just contact me.  I feel safer knowing that I can cover my bills from the event if it rains.”

French Smith

NFLA Draft Pro-Am & Experience / EPB Golf LLC

“Working with Vortex Weather Insurance to create a rain insurance policy specifically tailored to our needs (location, date/hours, measured rainfall) delivered exactly what we wanted. Our NFL Alumni Draft Pro-Am took place on Day 1 of the NFL Draft and included 24 former NFL players. One day to make it all work, with no rain date option. Vortex allowed us to buy the right insurance at a very affordable price. It meant one less thing to worry about ... exactly what we were looking for.”

Rick Summers, Chairman & CEO - PGA Magazine Group

Randy Jones Foundation

“For years leading up to our events we would all get super stressed out about the weather. We would have fun all year long working hard to put on a special event, benefiting hundreds of kids, charities and military families, know that with just one bad day the entire event could be ruined. The last few weeks leading up to the event were stressful to say the least. We are no longer spending countless hours scanning all the weather reports looking for the next rain cloud. Thank you for giving all of us at the Randy Jones Foundation the peace of mind to have a much more enjoyable experience every year. We would recommend Vortex to anyone running an outside event.”

Curtis Gandy

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Weather can affect a business in multiple ways. If you don’t know where to start, give us a call. We’ll assess your business’ weather risks and structure a plan for your specific needs.
We keep it simple every step of the way.

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