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Rain Insurance For Events

Nov 30, 2021

Prepare for the Unpredictable

In a full day of golf, a little rain may not ruin the event, but an afternoon downpour will likely stop play for the day. A short burst of showers often just delays play, but a full day of heavy rain will prevent play and greatly reduce attendance. So, what happens when a golf tournament gets rained out?

The safest bet for your budget is to plan for the worst. If weather is a worry, then rain insurance for events of all kinds, especially golf events, can bring peace of mind in the face of fickle weather.

Make weather insurance part of your event’s budget

Weather insurance can help mitigate the expenses a golf event can incur when inclement weather causes delays or a complete cancellation of your event. A Vortex Weather Insurance policy can help protect against potential losses caused by an unexpected burst of precipitation. If it rains the predetermined amount (or more) which you selected in your policy during the insured hours, you receive a full payout. 

Many components of an event are paid in advance and recouped once the event takes place. An abundance of rain which hinders your event can cause investments to be lost; and with low or no attendance, those expenditures are lost entirely. 

With weather insurance, you can have those costs insured based on the amount of rain that may occur. You can insure more than your bottom line too, if you want. Many people don’t realize that they can insure any amount they wish. Through an advanced weather insurance pricing tool, whether you are planning a state fair, a charity golf event, or any other outdoor event, Vortex Insurance can quickly provide quotes tailored specifically to your event’s location.

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Our claims process is straightforward, fast, and easy

We strive to make our claims process as simple as possible, because insurance doesn’t need to be complicated and confusing. If precipitation occurs during your insured event hours and meets or exceeds the threshold of your policy, your covered policy is activated and pays in full. It’s as easy as that. Take the stress out of worrying about your revenue with a policy from Vortex Weather Insurance.

Contact Vortex for Comprehensive Weather Insurance

You never know how a round of golf will play out. That’s even more true in regards to weather. Unexpected precipitation can pop up out of nowhere. So if you’re planning a golf tournament or any outdoor event, weather insurance is worth considering.

Find out more about how weather insurance works with our virtual cost analysis tool. You can also reach us directly if you prefer. Give us a call and let us give you a quote on a policy for your upcoming event. It’s fast and easy! 

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