What is Special Event Rain Insurance & Why Do You Need It?

Those target calendar days matter to your bottom line. Whether it’s a job site, festival grounds, a concert venue, or any location where weather could affect the outcome, you need special event rain insurance to help protect your all-important income.

At Vortex Weather Insurance, our staff of ultimate weather nerds specializes in rain insurance, along with other types of weather risk management services. Contact us with any questions about special event rain insurance. 

If you’re a DIY’er, jump over to our Vortex Insurance Portal for some super-easy policy creation that you can do at your office, at home, at 2 AM even. The portal makes it simple, and Vortex makes it worth it.

Continue on to understand what rain insurance is, and why you need it.

What is Special Event Rain Insurance?

Simply put, special event rain insurance helps protect your organization or business’s event income from adverse weather conditions. 

Rain dampens many types of business’s income, except maybe umbrella boutiques and movie theaters. It makes shoppers, workers, and audiences prefer to stay somewhere out of the rain—like at home. They’ll wait until the weather is better, and sometimes if that means completely missing the event, so be it.

But a rainy day can devastate revenue for businesses/organizations that put on the event. From paying the costs involved with preparations, to the event not being able to be rescheduled, your bottom line needs weather risk management to help you keep on keeping on.

When Do You Need Special Event Insurance & Who Really Needs It?

You might be wondering, with this new knowledge of rain and weather insurance, when is this special event insurance a good idea and who really needs it? Let’s dive in.

Seasonal Attractions That are Impacted by Weather

You have a big weekend carnival that helps fund your community for a year. And Saturday is your biggest money-maker day. If the season you celebrate is known for rain—such as Spring Celebrations and Fall Festivals—rain might not shut down the event, but it can shut down the crowds you rely on.

You still have to pay the carnival company, the site rental, paid performers and entertainers, the various licenses and more. Much more. This is the exact kind of special event that rain insurance can help in the event of rain. 

Outdoor Events That Need Good Weather to Thrive

A carnival. A sports tournament. A concert. If it’s outside, and if you depend on the money from that event, your business or organization should look into special event rain insurance to help protect your bottom line from inclement weather.

Wild Weather-Prone Locations

You know when and where you want to have your event—but there’s one issue: it’s rainy this time of year. You can hope for the best but must plan for the worst. That way if rain decides your event’s time is the right time to fall, your revenue won’t have to drain away too.

Construction Efforts That Can be Delayed by Rain

Your company has a big project that must be completed within a certain time. What if, on the day all those cement trucks are supposed to come, rain arrives before they do and halts construction? 

Rain insurance could help you mitigate the lost revenue caused by the delay.

Movie/Production Companies Who Need Sunny Skies

Catching that outdoor scene in the right light requires many small pieces to fall in place. But, if rain is falling instead, that delay could brutally impact your production’s fiscal situation. Having special event rain insurance for that day or that specific part of that day could get you the money you need to offset those delay costs and keep the camera rolling!

Drone Pilots Needing Clear Visibility to Fly

What’s your vector, Victor? Drone pilots need good weather conditions to capture the right shots and footage for their clients and protect their equipment. Deadlines, rentals, and more could cause fiscal ramifications for the event, not to mention the lost revenue if that was the only day they could work for the client.

Rain insurance can help drone companies mitigate financial losses. 

Outdoor Auctions Could Use Special Event Rain Insurance

Large outdoor auctions need great weather to show off what’s being bid on, and to provide the crowds of bidders ready to buy with the best experience possible! Rain drives down attendance, and may not allow the auction to occur because no one wants their antiques out in the drizzle and storm.

Using special event rain insurance for your auction, you can keep your hey-bidda-bidda-bottom line protected when the wet stuff wins.

How Special Event Rain Insurance Works

You’ve picked the day for your construction site to hit important deadlines. Or for your festival to have that expensive, headlining act hit the stage. You probably even know the hours that would be most impacted by rainfall. 

That’s where special event rain insurance becomes your ally when facing adversity. 

The Time Helps Us Determine Your Special Event Insurance Quote

At Vortex Weather Insurance, we base our rain insurance quote options on city and state statistics we gather from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Then you select the hours you want to apply to your policy. These hours can include your entire event or your event’s most profitable/essential hours. You’ll also want to include some hours before and after your event. The beauty of rain insurance is that you can customize the combination of hours that best fit your event goals.

For example, your construction company has a deadline on a Monday. The site must be graded so that the rest of the crew can get to work, and you’ve got graders contracted with guarantees and a client with deadline waivers that, if not met, could lose big bucks for you. 

Graders can’t grade mud, so if it rains, not only could your current revenue be impacted, but those deadline bonuses could also be washed away.

Rain insurance won’t stop the rain. But if the rain thresholds are met, the policy triggers and you get paid even if the work can continue!

Apply that same rationale to your festival, your tournament, whichever event you do. With special event rain insurance, you could take some—or maybe all of the “ouch!” out of your bottom line when rain falls.

Location Also Matters for Rain Insurance

With a rain insurance policy at Vortex, we drill down to a 2.5 mile-square grid box containing your event’s location.

Understanding The Rain Threshold & How it Impacts Rain Insurance Coverage

You know how even a light rain could impact your event. So, you decide which rain threshold makes the most sense for your rain insurance policy. Our thresholds are as low as .10”.

Did it trigger?

After your event, Vortex Weather Insurance uses up-to-the-minute National Stage IV gridded data from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association to determine how much measurable rain was recorded during the policy period. This third-party government agency reports your localized grid, and should your policy threshold be met or exceeded, your rain insurance triggers and the claim process is activated.

What Else is Needed from Your Team When it Comes to Special Event Insurance Coverage?

Nothing. Nada. Zero. You don’t need to supply anything else to us. We don’t require ‘proof of loss’ for the insurance to pay a claim. 

The policy triggers if the predetermined rainfall amount meets or exceeds the predetermined threshold during the coverage period as we’ve outlined above. That’s it.

This means your workday might be salvageable after the rainfall. Or maybe the event/concert/tournament isn’t canceled and continues to completion. If your policy triggers, you still get paid!

Also lovely: your claim payment is typically mailed in less than 2 weeks. You don’t have to wait months. That’s a win!

Real World Examples of Special Event Rain Insurance in Action 

Vortex Weather Insurance helps companies from all walks of business manage their weather risk with our insurance products. 

One of our favorite clients is Roadway Productions. We’ve been working with them for years, providing weather insurance for their “BatFest!” This super-cool festival in Austin, TX, happens one day a year. One day. 

It coincides with the bats under a bridge in Austin going out in the evening to feed. Picture this: a bridge and event area covered with tens of thousands of people enjoying vendors and food and activities and live bands. Then, around a certain time that evening, over 1.5 MILLION bats leave their cave to enter the twilight air.

It’s an amazing sight. And this event can only happen one day, regardless of the weather. There are no delay dates. 

Because Roadway Productions utilizes Vortex for their weather risk management, they’ve had claim payouts twice, allowing this expensive and fantastic event to continue on a bridge. 

Another client who’s benefited by having special event rain insurance is the Virginia Beach Soccer Tournament. It’s evident that heavy rainfall before a soccer tournament can make the fields dangerous, or in some instances completely unplayable. Beach FC has had their policy triggered three times to date, and that was regardless of any kind of cancellation.

Cancellation vs. Rain Insurance: Knowing the Difference

Cancellation insurance exists, but that’s not what we do. Our rain insurance doesn’t require your event to be canceled in any way. We rely on the rainfall threshold to govern whether the policy triggers. That being said, there are valuable benefits with both cancellation insurance and special event rain insurance that can help you ensure much-needed coverage – and most importantly, peace of mind.

How do the two compare? Let’s explore:

  Pros Cons
Weather insurance
  • Insurance typically more likely to trigger
  • Simple and automatic claims process
  • Defined coverage limits are paid in full (not indemnity based)
  • Highly customizable
  • Doesn’t require proof of loss


  • Length of coverage window must be pre-determined by the insured
  • Probability of occurrence is typically higher; thus the premium is typically higher
  • Only covers weather-related incidents
Event cancellation insurance
  • Typically less expensive
  • Typically covers 24+ hours of the event
  • Covers a wide variety of catastrophic cancellations


  • Burden of proof of loss falls on the insured
  • Probability of occurrence is typically lower
  • Limited on customizations
  • Certain insured perils may be excluded depending upon when the policy is purchased

Our Portal Makes Weather Insurance Easy

So many activities depend on good weather for good income: 

You know why you need special event rain insurance. How do you get it? One way is to contact us, and we can help you get the right type of weather risk management at the right time and for the right amount to help you should rain mess up your plans.

However, you can also lock in your policy on your own, whenever you’re ready! It’s called the Vortex Insurance Portal, and it’s the bomb when weather is a bust. We’re also more than happy to work with a local insurance agent – we’re flexible like that. 

A Direct Connection to Your Special Event Insurance Coverage

Whether in the office putting together an event, or in your pajamas in the kitchen finalizing your fundraiser, the Portal lets you lock down rain insurance easily. 

How the Vortex Portal Works

Navigating the Vortex Portal is easy. Once you get started, you’re just a quick account setup, and a few questions, away from valuable coverage information. Here’s how to get started. 

Createan Account

We need some info about who you are, your company, and a little contact information to serve you better. But don’t worry – no credit card info yet.

Make Your Selections

Step-by-step, you’ll add or select: 

  1. The type of weather insurance (rain insurance)
  2. The event address
  3. The day/days you wish to insure
  4. The time/hours to insure
  5. Your necessary insurance limits (how much the policy will pay out if triggered)
  6. The rain threshold

And then the home stretch: confirm the coverage, sign the digital application, and pay by credit card.

It only takes a few minutes to get through the entire portal process. Because the portal automatically updates constantly with current NOAA data, all policy premiums are up-to-the-minute.

Of course, we’ll be happy to assist you as you use the portal. We’re ready to help anytime during business hours, online or by phone. You can DIY, or DI-with-us—it’s all good.

Vortex Weather Insurance Portal Benefits

  • It’s fast!
  • It’s easy to use. 
  • You don’t have to wait for underwriter approval.
  • Stays current with National Stage IV NOAA data.
  • You can do it on your computer or tablet!
  • Up to 15 days before the start date to purchase.
  • Easy payment with a credit card.

And your Vortex Weather Insurance Portal account lets you view claims, settlements, and future event policies all in one place. 

Let Vortex Worry About the Weather

You’ve already got enough on your plate, don’t you? Don’t worry about how the weather might affect your revenue. With special event rain insurance from Vortex, you can manage your weather risk and help keep your bottom line from hitting the bottom of the barrel.

We make the process simple and time-effective, especially with our Vortex Insurance Portal for brokers/agents and event planners. Anytime you’re ready, check out the portal, or call us at 1-866-997-2469.

Depend on rain insurance when your income depends on the event, with Vortex.