Adverse Weather Insurance for Events

Oct 25, 2023

There’s nothing quite as disheartening as bad weather on a day you’ve planned a beautiful outdoor event. Maybe it’s a festival or a charity golf tournament; either way, you’ve set up for a wonderful event, and then the sky starts to darken. But there’s no need to worry if you’ve remembered to plan ahead with adverse weather insurance.

Weather insurance can help you protect your event when rain threatens to impact your revenue. Stormy weather and even drizzles can lead to drops in attendance, especially in cases where the rain doesn’t force you to cancel your event. 

Rain insurance can help protect your bottom line when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Visit Vortex for your adverse weather insurance needs. Our online portal makes it easy to start building a policy for your event. 


Adverse Weather Insurance With Vortex

Vortex provides rain insurance for all types of events nationwide. Our insurance can be purchased and added as a supplement to your arsenal of event insurance. 

Rain insurance is different from standard property insurance and cancellation insurance. Unlike property insurance, rain insurance doesn’t require physical damage to trigger a claim. It also doesn’t require that your event be canceled to receive a payout.

How does rain insurance work?

Our adverse weather insurance policies are created using your event information and third-party rainfall data.

We use the following information to define the parameters of your policy:

  • Event location
  • Time window
  • Rain threshold
  • Coverage amount

Along with historical weather data for your location, we use this information to build your policy and offer quotes.

Where does the data come from?

We gather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the most reliable, completely independent, and the most accurate information. Their data is generated to report within a 2.5 mi-grid and is recorded by the hour.

Within a week after your event, we collect NOAA data for the location and time frame outlined in your policy. Our Weather Data Specialists will verify that data and if your policy was triggered, our Claims Specialists will process the claim for payment. Most payouts are in the mail in less than 2 weeks. 

No proof of loss is required

What often surprises our clients is that when their policy triggers but the event isn’t canceled, they still receive a payout. That’s because our adverse weather insurance isn’t about physical damage or loss. It’s only about how much rain is recorded.

With Vortex, your policy payout doesn’t require proving losses or damage. It’s solely based on the recorded rain data at your location and during your coverage time.

Hurricane insurance 

We also offer supplemental hurricane insurance for businesses along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts as part of our adverse weather insurance offerings. Our policies are made to help businesses weather storms that hinder normal business operations.

Learn more about hurricane insurance

Benefits of Weather Insurance With Vortex

Online Portal

Our exclusive online portal makes it easy to create your policy online and get quotes in minutes—24/7/365. There’s also no lengthy waiting period to know if coverage is in place for rain insurance.

Admitted Parametric Insurance

Our insurance products are unique because they are admitted in all 50 states. This means that Vortex insurance has been approved by each and every state’s department of insurance.   Our insurance is also parametric. The insured perils are predetermined and are strictly data-driven.

We don’t send out adjusters when a policy claim is triggered. There’s no need for proof of loss or damage. When the policy triggers based on the agreed-upon terms, the insured gets paid.

Customizable Policies

Our quotes for adverse weather insurance are very customizable. We use long-term historical data for your event location and time to craft policies. You can also include a specific rain threshold you want covered.

When selecting a rain threshold, clients most commonly choose one of the these options:

  • 1/10 (0.10) inch of rain – light rain
  • 3/20 (0.15) inch of rain
  • 1/5 (0.20) inch of rain
  • 1/4 (0.25) inch of rain – moderate rain
  • 1/3 (0.33) inch of rain
  • 1/2 (0.50) inch of rain – heavy rain
  • 3/4 (0.75) inch of rain
  • 1 (1.0) inch of rain

Your event doesn’t have to be canceled to receive a payout. So if your event gets rained on but can still continue, that’s awesome!

We can also build rain insurance policies that offer smaller payouts if there is light rainfall, with escalating payouts as the rainfall amounts increase.

No Claims Paperwork

Weather data from NOAA determines whether your policy triggers. There’s no paperwork to fill out on your part. Our Weather Data Specialists take care of retrieving the data to determine if your policy triggers, and then the payment process begins.

Fast Payments

If your policy is triggered, you can expect your check to be in the mail within 2 weeks. There’s no lengthy wait for processing your payout. 

Use Your Payout How You Need

Once you receive your payout, it’s yours to use as you choose. When the weather negatively impacts your event, you could be faced with a number of sunken costs or expenses:

  • Ticket refunds
  • Loss of vendor revenue
  • Contract cancellations
  • Employee payments
  • Venue costs
  • Deposits lost
  • Other non-refundable prepaid expenses

You can use your rain insurance payout to cover any number of these damages and help your business recoup losses.  You can even save the claim payment and put it towards next year’s event.  It’s YOUR organization’s money.  

What events can benefit from adverse weather insurance?

If you’re planning an outdoor event at any time of the year, rain insurance is an absolute must. Vortex is licensed in all 50 states and can craft a quote for any region using historical weather data.

These are some of the events we insure every season:

If an outdoor event experiences heavy rain during operation, it could be devastating for traffic and sales. Adverse weather insurance for events and seasonal operations stands between walking away empty-handed or stabilizing your revenue.

Why insure with Vortex?

We understand weather. With roots as former leaders in the weather risk management industry and evolving into an insurtech, Vortex has provided weather risk management solutions to clients using insurance-based products since 2008. 

Our products range from data-driven policies that insure your one-time event to long-term solutions that mitigate risk. Our difference is experience, simplicity, and flexibility. Our priority is the success of your business.


We don’t just work with insurance and weather, we also understand both. As an insurtech company, we provide insight to help you mitigate your business risks in the event of unfortunate weather.


We’re committed to continued advancement within the weather risk industry. It’s our goal to constantly improve our operations through innovation and to pass along the benefits to our clients and partners.


We know that risk management isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we’ll create a policy built for your specific needs and concerns to help protect your brands, your business, and your bottom line.


You build the policy you need for your specific budget and event. If the conditions of that policy are met, you receive a payment in 1 to 2 weeks—no extra paperwork is required.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rain Insurance

How far in advance do I need to purchase rain insurance for my event?

You must purchase your rain insurance a minimum of 15 days before the first day of the coverage period for the policy. 

What determines the cost of my weather insurance?

Our custom rain insurance policies factor in the event’s duration, location, time of day, time of year, the amount of coverage, the selected rainfall amount, and historical data to determine the best policy for your event.

How is a claim determined?

We determine rain insurance claims using independent third-party data recorded and finalized by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration or another agreed-upon third-party source.

When it comes to your event: don’t just protect it, Vortex it.

Our team is ready to answer your questions about rain insurance for seasonal events. We can help you understand how weather insurance works, and how it’s different from traditional insurance. We’re also happy to work with your organization’s local insurance agent to keep your event protected from top to bottom line.

Get started with our virtual cost analysis tool or, if you prefer, give us a call or send a message and we can assist you in getting a quote. Our process is quick and easy!

It’s even easier to get started online with the Vortex Insurance Portal.

Don’t let rain wash away your revenue. Protect and “Vortex it” today!