Long-Term Weather Insurance: Seasonal Coverage for Your Business

Kid on a swing sitting in the rain.

The weather can affect more than just outdoor events. When used properly, weather insurance can be a budget stabilization tool for companies that need to protect their investments all season long. More specifically, seasonal weather insurance is a long-term solution for businesses that either operate only seasonally or rely on a specific time of the year for the bulk of … Read More

Event Weather Plan: Budgeting for the Weather During Your Outdoor Event

Concert hall with lights.

A lot goes into planning an event. If you’re an outdoor event planner, you know the success of your hard work relies heavily on ideal weather conditions. Weather plays a large part in both the budget and the time it takes to plan an outdoor event. Coordinating the moving parts to ensure a successful event leaves little room for added … Read More

3 Things to Know About Weather Insurance

Rainy Soccer Stadium

Each year in the United States, weather costs businesses an estimated $630 billion. Chances are your business pays a hefty portion of this weather bill. Adverse weather harms the bottom line of individual businesses operating in a multitude of industries such as utilities, retail, fairs and festivals, transportation, sporting events, and construction. Weather insurance can help to protect your business or … Read More

Rain Insurance: A Plan Worth Implementing

Dogwood Tree

For over 80-years the Atlanta Dogwood Festival welcomes spring with its nationally renowned Fine Artist Market, live music, kids village, and several other entertainment options for the entire family to enjoy. Daytime temperatures typically average around 70 degrees making the festival a perfect way to spend the whole day outdoors. That is unless… Read More